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Financial Tools

Established in 1998, the FHRI is an organization that provides unbiased financial educational resources to help people like you prepare for the future.

The Magic

Learn about this risk free
investment with bonuses

Financial Health

What can you do to avoid
losing your principal?

Retirement Income
Gap Analysis

Will you have enough money
to live on when you retire?

The Magic Annuity

Start capitalizing on this risk free investment:

  1. It has NO FEES;
  2. It GUARANTEES your principal investment;
  3. It GUARANTEES you cannot lose your gains;
  4. It is TAX-FAVORED, meaning, gives you tax advantages and lets you manage how and when you pay taxes; and
  5. Over 20 years, the typical Magic Annuity has outperformed the typical Mutual Funds investor (and thus Variable Annuities) in average returns.

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Financial Health Spectrograph​

79% of Americans over the age of 65 report the value of their retirement savings has declined in recent years. In other words, they are losing money! What can you do to avoid falling into this financial trap? Simple, you need a tool which delivers a snapshot of your current investment portfolio. A tool that displays in an easy and illustrated way where your assets are positioned and how much of them are at risk. You need the Financial Health Spectrograph. Discover the hidden risk in your portfolio today… Read More…

Retirement Income Gap Analysis​

Will you have enough money to live on when you retire? It is important to understand whether your current investment planning will allow you to retire when you want and support the style of living you desire. The FHRI Retirement Income Gap Analysis will let you know. This easy-to-use tool gives one the ability to project the rate of growth in your assets between now and the desired date of retirement. This information is a key factor in the determination when you will be able to retire and how well… Read More…