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    Unlimited Consults

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    Talk to a Doctor

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    Find Care Guidance

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    Independently tested, audited, certified, and accredited

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    Hear from FHRI Health Members

    This app has saved my life during this Covid 19 crisis. Most doctors aren’t accessible. But with this app I was able to access everything and get the care I needed.

    Mary W.
    FHRI Health Member

    I love being able to talk to a doctor 24/7. FHRI Health gives me peace of mind knowing there is a doctor I can talk to anytime.

    Jake S.
    FHRI Health Member

    I was able to visit with a doctor, have a prescription sent to my pharmacy, and it was amazing that I could do it all from the privacy of my own home.

    Jennifer M.
    FHRI Helath Member